Dune & Yoga Tour

Exercise and relax during our bike trip with yoga class on the beach

Dune & Yoga bike tour: exercise with a bike trip along all the wonderful highlights of Bloemendaal and relaxation with yoga and a picnic on the beach. The ideal combination.Dune & Yoga bike tour: beautiful estates and villas book directly

In short:

open registration (minimum 8 people)
5 hours
€67 p.p. (incl. guide, bike rental, yoga, sandwiches)
25 km
Thursdays in April till October from 10.00-14.00 h
various extras are available (workshops, dinner, hotel Amsterdam, etc.). Ask about the possibilities

The ingredients:

  • Bike along beautiful historic buildings and estates: from ruin to villa’s
  • Enjoy nature in the National Park South Kennemerland: protected Dutch dunes with many species, flora and fauna
  • Bike through ancient forests and meet large herbivores such as Scottish highland cattle, fallow deers and Konik horses
  • Look out over the sea while working on a powerful, flexible body and a clear head during yoga class with yoga exercises for each level
  • Get enough energy with the special and healthy DuneBiking (picnic) lunch

The yoga class is conducted in cooperation with Yoga Bloemendaal and is primarily based on Hatha yoga. The basics of Hatha yoga is the rhythm of your breath and awareness thereof. During class dynamic postures will alternate with static ones. You experience strength and relaxation and how to bring it into balance. Based on the level of the group, the Sun Salutations, the five Tibetans and other yoga exercises are covered. The lesson takes about 60 minutes, where there is also a moment for relaxation and meditation. During the class explanation is given about the exercises. Yoga mats are provided. After the yoga lesson and the picknick lunch you will experience enough energy again to face the return journey. Do you think 25 km is too far for you but you would like to combine cycling with yoga? Please contact contact us so we can propose a customized tour.

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The route:

Dune & Yoga bike tour