Address: Rustenburgherweg 8 , 2061 JB BLOEMENDAAL
Phone: +31 (0)6 – 38 60 13 46
E-mail address: info@dunebiking.nl
Chamber of Commerce number: 34360340
VAT identification number: NL183294932

Article 1. General
Organizer: DuneBiking Bloemendaal
Participant: A participant is defined as any (legal) person who has entered a reservation or booking at DuneBiking Bloemendaal, and also his representative(s), agent(s) and assign(s) and the person(s) respectively  for whom the booking is stipulated.

Article 2. Relevance
2.1 These conditions apply to all offers, proposals, confirmations, and bookings.
2.2 The applicability of any general terms and conditions of the customer, we have explicitly rejected.
2.3 Deviations from these conditions are only binding if confirmed in writing by the management of DuneBiking Bloemendaal.

Article 3. Agreement
3.1 Customers fill in the online reservation form on the website of the organizer or let us otherwise know in writing they want to book a tour and agree to the terms and conditions.
3.2 At that time the booking is final. No rights can be granted for counting errors and spelling mistakes. For amendments and adjustments to the booking like times, dates and type of program an organization fee might be charged.
3.3 In the event of a customized or additional command the organizer prepares an order confirmation and invoice. The customer signs the order confirmation and sends this return by the deadline so a contract is formed.
3.4 If the order confirmation is not returned within the deadline, the organizer can not guarantee the availability of the program as mentioned in the order.
3.5 A person acting on behalf of a individual or on behalf of a group of individuals into the agreement, is jointly and severally liable for all obligations under this agreement. In addition, all persons specified in confirming have their own liability.
3.6 Organizer will provide each contract to the best of his abilities, and is authorized to call for the execution of an agreement to engage third parties.

Article 4. Payment
4.1 In the case of bike tours in which participants take part on an individual basis, the amount per person on the tour day must be paid in cash.
4.2 Credit card details are required to guarantee your reservation. Your credit card can be checked (pre-authorization) to make sure that it is valid. Money will be charged from your credit card only if you have not complied with the cancellation policy. You should pay the tour on the day of tour itself, before the start.
4.3 In other cases, the contract and receipt of the invoice amount should be within 14 days, but at least four days before execution.
4.4 If the customer does not pay on time he/she is legally in default without further notice is required. Organizer is entitled to rescind the contract or to claim together with a supplementary compensation for all the matter of the agreement already full compliance costs and additional costs such as bailiff / debt collector.
4.5 If you have a smaller group than for which reserved the amount will not be deducted. Persons other than originally intended  can participate instead.

Article 5. Cost / Price
A: For the organization and implementation of customized programs a quotation is drawn up or else 10% organization/office expenses is charged with a minimum of Euro 25,- per composite package per day.
B : Under customization means all programs that do not fall within the standard package organizer offers or additional commands from customer. This also includes modifications and additions (such as dinners and hotel stays) on the standard tours and packages from organizer.
5.2 The published sum includes VAT.
5.3 Unless otherwise stated, the prices published in the confirmation are per person, subject to the minimum group rate was ordained.
5.4 In the invoice or quotation the cost of transportation and the cost of drinks are never included, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
5.5 The published prices are based on the prices and conditions as they were known during the preparation of the program. Organizer reserves the right to change prices prior to a booking when deemed appropriate by price adjustments by third parties, including the applicable tax regulations.

 Article 6. Change (s) by the customer
6.1 Changes must be made by the customer in writing or by email. The date of receipt shall constitute as modification date.
6.2 Reducing the number of participants in the case of a group booking up to eight days prior to the planned date is possible with a maximum of 10 % of the booked group. If less number of participants leads to lower program cost then this will be passed on to the customer. Within this deadline reduction by the customer is no longer possible, due to agreements with third parties.
6.3 The customer must, therefore, take into account the program costs as agreed earlier with organizer, even if fewer participants than planned in the program attend.
6.4 In the case of increase in the number of participants or modification by the customer in the agreed program can be arranged if and insofar as this is possible. These higher costs will be passed on to the customer.
6.5 In the event that there are more participants present at the time of the activity (ies) or known to the organizer based on the reservation, an additional fee of 15 Euro including VAT will follow.

Article 7. Cancellation by the customer and/or changes in the booking (in time and/or date)
7.1 Cancellation (s) by the customer must be in writing and dated. The date of receipt shall constitute as modification date.
7.2 No costs will be charged in case of cancellation of a standard bike tour up to 1 day before the start of the tour, if the booking concerns less than 7 persons. For bookings of 7 persons or more €10 pp will be charged in case of cancellation within 8 days before the scheduled date.
7.3 In case of cancellation of a customized contract after signing, the following costs will be charged, unless otherwise agreed upon:
A. up to 28 days before the start of the program 50% including VAT of the total amount is charged
B. within 8 days before the scheduled date: 100% of the total sum.
C. in case of very bad weather the bike tour will be canceled (at least 3 hours before the start of the tour). In this case 10% organizational costs will be charged. The review of “very bad weather” lies with DuneBiking.

Article 8. Change (s)/Cancellation by the organizer
8.1 In case, due to circumstances arising from management of the organizer, the program has to be cancelled or changes should be made, the organizer is obliged to inform the customer as soon as possible.
8.2 In case the of cancellation of the program, the organizer will repay the reservation fee already (partially or fully) paid immediately. Organiser is not obliged to pay other fees or charges.
8.3 In the case of the (individual) bike tours DuneBiking Bloemendaal has the right to terminate without being able to be held liable for any damages when the number of applications is less than the minimum number of participants indicated in the publication.
Article 9. Damage caused by participant (s)
9.1 If a participant of an activity causes or might such nuisance that a good performance of the activity (cycling tour, workshop, package, dinner, etc.) is highly difficult, the participant may be excluded by the organizer of (continuing) the activity.
9.2 All of the nuisance and costs arising by exclusion of the participant shall be borne by the participant, if and insofar the nuisance can be attributed to the participant. Organizer reserves the right to recover any damages caused by the participant.
9.3 The participant is liable for damage to bicycles.

Article 10. Limitation of Liability organizer
10.1 DuneBiking Bloemendaal accepts no liability for damage resulting from death or injury, accidents, loss or theft caused to or by the participant (s) during or as a result of the activity, unless there is intent and / or gross negligence of (the employees of) DuneBiking Bloemendaal.
10.2 DuneBiking Bloemendaal can not be held liable for damages suffered by participants as a result of delays, accidents, mechanical breakdowns, weather conditions, natural influences, strikes, sickness or any other force majeure situation.
10.3 DuneBiking Bloemendaal can not be held responsible for actions and influences of third parties not directly involved in the execution of the contract; conditions which are not due to the fault of DuneBiking Bloemendaal and that under Dutch law or the prevailing norms in society can not be allocated reasonably to DuneBiking Bloemendaal.
10.4 DuneBiking Bloemendaal assumes no liability for injury or damage while using the rental bikes.

Article 11. publications
11.1 Promoter assumes no responsibility for information, photos, brochures and other promotional materials distributed by third parties.
11.2 Errors and / or manifest errors in publications or on behalf of the organizer do not bind the organizer. The offer of the organizer made ​​in publications is not binding and may be revoked if need arises.

Article 12. Complaints
12.1 Despite any concerns, it is always possible that the participant has a legitimate complaint. This complaint is immediately present to be submitted by the guide of DuneBiking Bloemendaal, if possible on the same day. As a direct submission is not possible, or if the complaint is not unloaded satisfactorily the complaint should be filed and motivated to DuneBiking Bloemendaal not later than one week after arising.

Article 13. Applicable law and disputes
All reservations and bookings are governed by Dutch law

Bloemendaal, March 2014